Here we have Numatic's most famous vacuum cleaner; The Henry. He was introduced in 1981, and is still in production today with a few minor changes.

There has been several different versions of the Henry over the years, here's the list of models and links to their pages.

Henry HVC200 - 800W 1981-1988

Henry HVR200 - 1000W 1985-1995

Henry HVR200 (Stabilizer) - 1000W 1995-1997

Henry HVR200 - 1100W 1997-1998

Henry HVR200 (Outlined Coloured Font) - 1100W 1998-2000

Henry HVR200 (Outlined White Font) - 1100W 2000-2003

Henry HVR200 (Push Button Single Spd) – 1100W 2000-2004

Henry HVR200-22 (Push Button 2 Spd) – 1100W 2004-2005

Henry HVR200-22 (W/ Wheel Caps) – 1200W 2005-2006

Henry HVR200-22 (Switch Bank) – 1200W 2006-2009

Henry HVR200A (Autosave) – 1200W 2009-2013

Henry HVR200A (Autosave) - 1200W 2013

Henry HVR200A (3D Face; Parking Feature) – 1200W 2013-Present